About Rob


Rob found his way into painting one morning in April 2018 when, on waking he felt a the need to duplicate a color he'd seen on a work while visiting the Boston Museum of Fine Arts with a friend.  With no training in painting or mixing colors, and after a more than 20 year career in finance Rob's New Expressionism was born.  In his works he moves from using geometric shapes to fill colors and space, to the more fantastical using only primary colors (plus black and white) as his base.  Much inspiration comes while meditating, observing nature or the environment while passing through, or simply the feeling he gets upon meeting a new or old friend.  His works flow from the heart, and a sense of space and color is abundant throughout.

Prior to all of this, Rob studied photography alongside his more technical university degree.   In the photographs here,  the impression is of indirect images, shadows and reflections.  The true nature of objects is only limited by our perceptions.  And all thoughts are mere interpretations of memory. Hence the indirect image capture shown in some of the photographs shared here.

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